Who we are

Natural + Progression

Our beginnings in climbing were at the beginning of the 90's, when it was belayed with eight descenders, the eight grade climbers were legend, there were no training gyms and tight tights were religion. The attraction to climbing was immediate, in a small school very close to home.

Climbing soon became our way of life, occupying much of our time. As soon as we learned of the existence of a training board manufactured in France, we decided to make our own, ¡only with 16 years old! At that time, the mountaineers of the town called us "garage athletes", because we had our gym in a small garage, and over the years we were making new gyms in different places nearby.

With all the experience gained during mre than two decades both in climbing and in the art of woodworking, in 2014 we decided to link our two passions, and in this way Natural Progression was born, a project focused on offering a range of high quality products produced by and for climbers.




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Jose Luis Urkizu Agirretxe (Azpeitia, 1977). It has more than 25 years of climbing and nearly 200 eighths behind it, both in nearby schools and in different areas of the world. Specialist in sports climbing and bouldering, has come to chain 8c, 8a onsight and 8a+ boulder. On the other hand, he has more than 25 years of experience working in the wood sector, and with extensive experience in the development of training panels, especially in the design and installation of "campus board" and all types of dams and wooden structures









 Joseba Urkizu Agirretxe (Azpeitia, 1972). Dedicated all his working life to the care of the family business in the wood sector, he has more than 25 years of experience working in the sector, and has extensive experience in working it manually. In recent years he has dedicated part of his company along with his brother to the design and installation of "campus board" and all kinds of dams and wooden structures.