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We are specialists in wooden
training systems.

Wood is a non abrasive material that affords us the opportunity to train better and for longer periods without altering or damaging our skin.

The attack angle of our holds and training systems always respecting the natural morphology of our fingers to avoid any type of traumatic position for tendons and ligaments.

The limited adherence of wood forces the climber to use greater pressure on the rounded edges, that way allowing the training and development of a greater contact force.

The pleasing touch of the hold offers a complementary motivation to the extended and specific training sessions.

Our proposals exceed the
expectations of the most
demanding climbers

Our designs also have the objective of satisfying the needs of each project.

After evaluating the needs, we work within a range of designs and solutions that have the mission of exceeding the established objectives.

Large training rooms, new ranges of prizes, innovative multi-hold tables, warming-up tables...

Each new project is an opportunity to innovate and create new solutions for the service of the most demanding climbers.

We offer exclusive designs and
solutions for each brand

We put all our experience and knowledge at the service of your brand. We offer an exclusive range of products for your brand.

Distinguish your brand from your competitors and offer training solutions in accord to the philosophy and vision of your brand.

We also execute the design proposal, the production, and the customization of the product with your brand identity.

Call us and explain to use your needs and/or objectives, we will offer you the best solution.

We are your Wood Partner.

The strongest climbers of the world
choose our products

Some of the best climbers of the world train using our training systems.

The most outstanding climbers on the international scenario use our training systems.

Some of the most prestigious and important high performance sports centres in the world are equipped with our holds and training systems.